Be patient…. it’s coming.

While you wait, here’s a teaser:

Chapter One – “What’s the worst that could happen?” 

“While precious little is known about the early life of Jerimiah Bixby Jones, 
what we do know is that prior to his Transformation he lived the life of a 
common human, engaging in numerous elicit activities and often  
running afoul of the law. This activity may have been fueled by 
an overriding hatred of authority that he carried with him all his life.” 

“Most of his clothes had been blown completely off his body in the explosion. Right at that moment however, he did not care. Wearing only the charred and tattered remains of a flannel shirt and what was left of his boxers, Jerimiah Bixby Jones was running to beat hell down Gilbert Creek Road.

Not just jogging along, but running flat-out, like you only run when you are running for your life. He could have been running faster except for his bare feet, and the fact that it was dark, (being well after midnight), and the fact that while paved, the road was strewn with pebbles and rocks that had been thrown up from the shoulder, and every few feet it seemed he would step on one, causing him to curse and hop along on one foot for a bit before regaining his stride.

Of course, bare feet were not his only problem.

“How the hell did I get myself into this one?” he thought, as he ran and hopped along the road back to town. He knew exactly how he had gotten into this mess: “Another great plan gone south…” he thought, as he ran along. ”


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